Friday, 19 March 2010

The Fair hits town

Hurrah! It's the day before the Fair comes to town. I am so excited; I cannot wait! Is that being daft?

Good luck to all the stallholders, have fun and makes lots of money!
And a great big THANK YOU to Ann and Debbie for organising it.
There is also a sale a few minutes walk away at the Antiques Centre. Never been there, but have bought a couple of bits from their 'bicycle' at the Bazaar.
I had a cruddy sort of day today-think I did too much gardening yesterday, sowing grass seed, pruning stuff back etc etc. Woke up at half 4 this morning with pain in my forearm so got up and had a couple of Nurofen. Not the best start to the day!

I cannot believe we have a blackbird nesting already! It seems ever so early. Even though our garden is tiny and we have 2 cats we had 5 nests last year. Are they mad? Couldn't they find somewhere, well, safer, really? Mind you, the puss cats are very good ... considering! It is lovely, but I don't like having to do the occasional 'bird rescue'!

I don't know if this is the same fledgling, but he's a bit of a belligerent looking b*gger, isn't he?

Right-ho, I must sort out what I am going to take to Plymouth-cat litter tray etc., priority of course!

Have a great weekend, wherever you are, whatever you do,
Z x

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