Saturday, 20 March 2010

I was in such a rush I didn't put a title here! (Edited 30/03/10)

Bit of a rush here! I did manage to get out to the fair and it was fab. Will post piccies at some point, but must say, now, that I am the proud owner of 2 pieces from The Crafty Trundler, Sharon, and I am SO chuffed!!

Also got to the Antiques Centre-lots of stuff ,but v. good and didn't buy! But cannot wait to take Mr Blossom there, wow, there's all sorts.
I also caught the end of an indoor car boot and bought a pink pressed glass vase and a little dish-type thing.
Came home and did the washing up left from Thursday(!), when a power cut stopped play (shame, eh?). Bit too dark without the lights! Well, that was my excuse!

So, now I'm packing for a week in (rainy) Plymouth. I don't usually have t'internet access down there. There's a few cafes etc with wifi access but I've never used one - yet.

Have a great week,
Z x


  1. Lovely to meet you today!! I really enjoyed it, and am looking forward to the next!! Glad you had a good day too!
    Have a lovely week in Plymouth, and look forward to hearing all about it : )
    Thank you for your kind comments, it means a lot!

    Sharon xx

  2. Great to see you again and thank you so much for my lovely flowers such a kind thought. Hopefully see you again soon, maybe at the Bicycle Fair. Have a great week in Plymouth.
    Ann x

  3. Hey Zoe!!
    Lovely to see you again at the fair! You got some great goodies there...LOVE that gorgeous needlebook..was perfect for you!!
    Was great chatting with you hun x
    Annie x