Monday, 1 March 2010

Home cooking and 'stuff'

A big hello and welcome to my new followers, Sian, Christy from the USA and the two Emmas.

Maybe you might fancy an oaty cookie (from Attic 24, or a slice of flapjack from Jane Brockets' Gentle Art of Domesticity, both of which are very yummy and probably the only way I will ever eat porridge oats!
I also made some more coconut ice.

Sadly I cannot offer you a piece of walnut and honey tart or treacle tart as these were from the 'cake lady' (who also does the most wonderful quiches as well...and I'm sorry, but I don't know her name), at the Bicycle Basket Bazaar on Saturday. We stopped off at The Nook and had some of the aforementioned quiche with a jacket potato and salad. For 'afters' we had Tamsins' heart-shaped passion cakes. Yum!

This was a phone picture, so not too clear, I'm afraid.

This looks as if it is turning into a foodie blog. Scary. Particularly as so much of the time I can't be bothered with food. (One of the 'extras' of clinical depression.)

One of the stalls at BBB is a chap from here,

and they are having an Antiques Fair on the 20 March, which is the same day as the Homemade Fair. Now, conveniently for me, as I have to catch 2 buses to get to the HF, these 2 fairs are about 10 minutes walk form each other. How good is that? He's had some great pieces at BBB so it'll be interesting to have a mung around the 'big stuff'. Might need to get a taxi home!!!

Mr B had to go and stay in Brum at the W/E and Rene thought she was going too!

I know, I'm biased, but what a cutie!

Oh the sunshine has been FABULOUS today. What a treat.

Hope the weather is good in your part of the world. With so much bad news in Chile and the storms in Europe, I take comfort from whatever I can.

Take care of yourselves, don't get sunburned!

Z x

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