Monday, 29 March 2010


Just a quickie to say 'Hi!', back home and it's lovely!
A taster of things from Devon...

Mr B found the daffodil candle holder-clever him.
(The jug - with real daffs - comes with flat we rent.)

What I call 'an Edwardian Ladies vase'; because the shape reminds me of their dress necklines, that just catch the top of the shoulders. One of my favourite things and a growing collection.

And introducing Cuff.
His owner is the pub landlady and he is sometimes allowed into the public areas. Here he is propping up the bar! She used to have 2 cats, and the other one was called Link!
Cuff is the biggest cat that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and is a really friendly, beautiful animal. What a joy! (But don't tell my 2!)
A warm welcome to Annie from
Lovely to see you again and thank you for following.
That's all for now folks,

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