Monday, 9 May 2011

Big In Japan

Mr B and "the gang" are off on a jolly to Japan today. Flying there as I type.

Me? Nothing much to report other than I had labarynthitus again (boo). And I now have the fall-out of the packing tornado that is Mr B going on tour=a total mess!!

Mind you, once I've done that...hurrah, my time is my own, so I am going to try and get some good habits formed before he gets back. Y'know, diet, exercise and the like. Ha ha, yep, sure that is gonna happen!

I've actually spent too many hours today trying to get a hotel room in Manchester, but it is the same time as Take That are doing their 'thang', so haven't had a hope in hell. I am hoping to get to the NW Bloggers meet up, cos I want to meet all you lovely peeps 'oop North'!

Keep your fingers crossed that I get lucky!

Z xx


  1. aawww i hope all your plans work out for you. Enjoy your time on your own, dee x

  2. Eh yup ! thanks for dropping by on t'owd blog, really appreciate your comments - take care.

  3. Hope your dizziness has gone away and you can enjoy your YOU time. Hubby used to get Labyrinthitis - very disconcerting ain't it?

  4. Did you see the link on the Google group that Pearl posted about uni halls of residence? Might be a good, cheap option if all the hotels are busy?

  5. you are so so sweet! hope you get to the blogger thing. re: sexy...just a state of mind, yes?