Saturday, 28 May 2011

Who's Got The Key Of The (Creaking) Door...

...never been 51 before!

I made this rice crispie slab on Thursday to have as my cake. I realised this evening, as I was about to demolish the last piece(!), that I better take a hasty photo. So, with one of Mr B's candles and my handy mobile...voila! One really dire shot of the best thing to do with puffed rice.

Yummy, yummy,yummy and now all in my tummy!

I spoke to Mr B in Tokyo earlier - it was 2.30am his time, so it was, technically my birthday. Finished the conversation and came back to GB time and, miraculously, I' m a year younger!!

I will be doing a 'Giveaway' later on. Not sure what it will be. So far a family set of gingerbread cookie cutters, scented oil and diffuser sticks, a couple of nail varnishes and a very pretty crocheted flower brooch, made by Tilly Rose and purchased at the Fair last Saturday. The weirdest thing, that Mr B is bringing back from Japan, is gorilla bogies!! Bet you'll all be gagging to win that! (Apparently they are sweets. Yes, I said sweets, not sweet!!). Oh yes, and a pretty little jewelled bee ring from Primani. I bought 2 to make into earrings, which hasn't happened, so someone really ought to have the pleasure of wearing it!

So, my computer says 00.01, so let the festivities begin!!
Well, no actually. I'm going to sleep.
Night night,

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