Friday, 27 May 2011

Modern Technology Fortnight....grrrrrr

(This is just here as adornment!)
When we first moved to Northampton holiday companies still sold 'Factory Fortnight' holidays; when, in this towns' case, the whole shoe industry would shut down for the annual 2 week summer holiday.
Well, I feel like I have been on a two week technical nightmare break!
Hurrah I have a TV picture back, not that I really missed it that much. But we don't have half the 'extra' Freeview channels that we used to. No longer can I while away too many hours watching crafting and Nail guru Leighton Denny on QVC. No more Morse on ITV3. Mind you, I could almost be word perfect on some of those they have been repeated, and watched, that many times!
Then last night, with the windy, wet weather the screen just kept on pixallating and making screeching noises.
Yeah, Digital TV, the brave new world etc etc. Bring back analogue. We never had all these problems and I really don't need any extra channels and certainly not shopping ones! (Mind you, I never have succumbed!).

(More adornment-still in their pots)
As for the laptop palaver! The only way you can remove Hitachi LifeStudio Desk Plus is to re-install the whole shebang and do it thru' the system. Yeah, great, it's a faulty external hard drive and did not install properly in the first place!!! So, just to stop the pop-up of 'we detect new hard ware' popping up every few seconds I have disabled the bloody thing!
My poor laptop is
not happy...I cannot do a System Restore back to any previous date and have yet to resolve why. Cue much cussing at various websites that are supposed to be helping me!! I have had to change my Internet Browser too! On IE I couldn't stay signed in to Blogger; it would say I was but if I tried to leave comments (and I have tried a few times this week) it would just ask me to sign in again! Again much cussing until I changed to Mozilla Firefox and at the mo, all is well with my blogging world!

Here is the finished bed. Sadly, Tabby likes to think I did all this to make her a lovely 'pooping area'(!) and seems to have managed to kill off that beautiful coral azalea, so there is now a rose of some unknown, (probably Wilkos'), sort.

As for the first picture....I tweaked an old Austrian blind from our old flat so that it is static at the top of the window in the kitchen. It just cuts out the sharp sunlight in the morning that can start off a raging headache if I'm not careful. There's a little pinoleum blind that drops down behind it.

I did get to the Fair last Saturday and it did not disappoint. Lovely to see everyone again and bought some lovely things. Will be posted at some point. It will be my birthday and therefore my 'bloggiversary' tomorrow, cue an ickle giveaway, but at the moment it is a few items that have no bearing to one another. You shall see...
Have a fabulous Bank Holiday weekend! Mr B comes home late Monday, so that is going to be MY best bit, but there is a Bicycle Basket Bazaar tomorrow and M&S is doing its' 2 dine in for a tenner promo so that food and wine sorted for the weekend!
Z xx


  1. Hi Zoe, there are loads of problems with blogger at the moment. Just been reading the comments on Ted and Bunny's blog. I can't sign in to the fair blog to update it. I think I may have heard that the BBB is not on tomorrow so it might be worth checking before making a wasted journey. See you soon.
    Ann x

  2. Yup, Firefox has done the trick for me too. Silly Internet Explorer.

    I'm working Monday - doom! The weekend should still be fun though. Hope you're having a good one :)

  3. Blogger is my nemesis at the moment, the latest trick is playing on me is not showing my posts in people's readers so effectively I am just chattering away in to the ether. Technology huh?

    Look forward to seeing your fair finds, have a wonderful weekend x