Friday, 20 May 2011

Technical Dud Week

What a week!

TV reception disappeared. Our region went digital a while ago and all was fine. I retuned the digibox easily enough. Ha ha!

I tried all sorts of different combinations of scart leads, sockets, RF in and RF out, (which, I found out today from the lovely Aerial Men, you don't need to use with a scart!). All to no avail. I was a bit 'off' towards having anyone coming round, but yesterday, having bought a new digibox, which wouldn't work either(!), I called the company and they came this morning. How about that for service? Only problem...they had been given the wrong house number and had fixed the aerial on the house down the road. The office phoned me to ask if I was in-er, yes-because they couldn't get anyone to answer the door, so I went out the front and there was the van on the other side of the road. Cue mad woman waving her arms around!! In the end it was the little box that has to stay swiched on all the time. We have a solar panel aerial I belive, and the little power box thingy had just petered out.

The other trouble monger was an external hard drive. Do NOT but anything from Hitachi if you are hoping for any kind of Customer Service. Sheer Hell! I was offered the option by PC World to return it, so after a heated exchange with a very unobliging Frenchman, I thought 'stuff it, it's going back!'

OMG-I was close to tears after all the hassle, but the staff at PC World Customer Service, Tej and Craig, but the not the woman in the 'business section', were brilliant. Even down to removing my data from the, as it turned out, faulty hard drive, and downloading it onto my newly purchased, non-Hitachi one.

The only outstanding problem was that Mr B had paid for it using his card, so I bought the new one and it has been OK'd to return the duff one when Mr B returns from his travels.


But, never mind, as long as I can get my act together tomorrow, I have this to look forward to...

Lucky old me, eh?

All this and I had a trip to Birmingham to see my osteopath! Feel a bit rough from that , but I know it's worth it in the long term.

And I found something I have been trawling t'internet for, for ages. Haven't done a photo yet, so I shall leave you guessing!!

Have a wonderful weekend wherever, whatever you are doing.

Z xx


  1. Electronics can be so frustrating! Sounds like you handled it very well though. Hope you enjoy your vintage fair. :)

  2. I hate technology some times. Enjoy the fair and have a lovely weekend, dee x

  3. Hi hunny! I've finally found you in blogland :)
    Lovely to say hello today....hope you found some more lovely goodies
    Tilly x x x

  4. Oh technology drives me loopy. The computers at work are running at the speed of sheer doom at the moment and I spend 8-9 hours a day SO frustrated with them!

    Glad you've got all your problems sorted out.

  5. Sorry to hear about the dratted digi box!! Glad it's sorted now!!
    Lovely to see you at the fair yesterday, and thanks for treating me to the coffee & cake, and giving little chicklet a lovely home!!
    My turn next time : )
    Have a great week & Hugs (((( ))))

    Sharon xx

  6. Lovely to see you again darling, hope you dis not spend too much at the fair! love Annie x