Sunday, 15 May 2011

Soothing The Soul Sunday

It's a beautiful Sunday morning here. I had my yummy coffee in my CK cowboy mug, taken my meds and have a magazine-fest for my perusal. Fab! It really doesn't take a lot to make me content...add in a couple of snoozing kitty-cats on the bed and now I'm in heaven! (Thanks for the heads up on the freebie CK bag with Easy Living, Mary Poppins).

Mind you, this chair in the BHS window display looks awfully inviting too!


I was able to procure an hotel room for our stay in Manchester. Hurrah! What is it with some of these places? Only one animal per room, (OK if you're bringing Great Danes!), and the best one...they need to be supervised at all times, or if I leave the room they must be locked up in their travelling box! Why would I bring two cats away with me if they have to be 'secured' when I'm not there? I might as well put them into a Cattery (quelle horreur!).

So, as it is my holiday, I have bitten the bullet and pushed the boat out for a 4 poster 'executive room', (yeah, we'll see about that !! is their vision the same as mine?) at Sachas. It has had some pretty ropey reviews on Trip Advisor but we stayed there years ago and Mr B has been there more recently, and it's been OK. But it is right in the centre of town. Yipee!!

If Take That hadn't have been in Town my choice would've been the Ibis in Charles street as it is right opposite the old Factory Records building! That, sad to say, would've made my week!! I have 2 bricks, one red, one blue, from The Hacienda. (Sad g*t!). One thing I will be able to do myself, instead of instructing Mr B to do it, is take some 'International Orange' gerberas to the 'Hidden Gem' in memory of Tony Wilson.

God bless that man!


  1. sounds like you have had a lovely Sunday and some lovely plans ahead to look forward to ;-)) dee x

  2. You're definitely coming then? Yay!!

    According to the programme for the horse trials, the spotty horse is called Colby II. He jumped a good clear round but alas didn't go very fast :(