Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Wicker Wednesday 7

The Action Men perform Alan Whicker Tribute Dance at Mondo-A-Go-Go

Laugh? I nearly peed my pants when I found this clip!! There is another, clearer version on YouTube, of them performing at Vintage@Goodwood too. (Can never have too much of a good thing, can you?)

And here are the wicker items. A collection of prop birdcages.

Birdcages always make me think of one of the first bloggers I met, Annie @Birdcages and Butterflies. She hasn't posted in months. I have sent emails to see how she is but haven't heard from her. I believe she may use Facebook, but if anyone out there knows her, send her my love and I hope all is okay!

I'm quite all of a dither this evening! I had an osteopath appointment in Birmingham today; I haven't managed to get there for my last 2 visits. So that was good. But, even better, I had organised to meet up with the wonderful Vix. What a joy! Thanks for making the journey into town Vix. I felt very honoured...she gave up one of her beloved car boots to meet me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I took a couple of vintage hats over for her, (as seen here! Boy, you posted quick, Vix!). She very kindly brought me a vintage, ready-printed pattern to cut out, to make a heffalump. She had taken on board this guest post of Mr Bs'. It is sooo cute and will be photographed and be downloaded to the blog asap. Well, in the next month!
Z xx


  1. Miss Zoe, you amazing lady you! Received your package and LOVE it. My tiny fellow thinks its wonderful too. I've taken pics and will soon be sending you a little something in way of thanks. You really made my day. :)

  2. ha ha that video clip is great ;-)) Lovely to hear you had a good day yesterday and i adored the hats you gave to the lovely Vix. Those bird cages are so sweet. Have a lovely day today also. dee xx

  3. Love that video and the bird cages are fabulous. I'd be tempted to stick Stephen Squirrel in one, he wouldn't stop walking up and down the bed last night and keeping me awake.
    It was lovely to meet you yesterday, I really enjoyed spending time with you. x

  4. How lovely to be able to meet up. I love those wicker birdcages, very rustic.xx PS I will be doing a post soon about the award you gave me xx