Saturday, 8 October 2011

The R Factor

It's saturday night, so the Great British nation tends to divide into 2 camps...Strictly Come Dancing (hurrah!) and The X Factor (boo!).

So, in homage to the lesser programme, here is my little snapshot of The Ah! Factor.

Mr B took the phone snapshot of me and Tabby just before he woke me up, to say "goodbye", before he left for work, the other morning.



  1. Ahhhhhhh ..... with you on Strictly (great viewing but they could lose Forsyth) and X Factor absolutely did my head in last night so that is a definite switch off here. Have a lovely Sunday x

  2. aawwww that is so sweet ;-)) My Timmy lies right up close like that but more in my arms than on my head. Bless ;-)) I am a strictly come dancing girl although i like X factor to but last night i wondered why on earth i had watched it. Have a lovely sunday. dee xx

  3. I like the Aaaah factor best!

    Sandie xx