Sunday, 2 October 2011

The Times They Are a'Changing

Despite yesterday apparently being one of the hottest October days ever, Autumn is still doing its' thang!

A week ago most of the Virginia Creeper was still green.

Then a few days later the same leaves have taken on a distinct autumnal feel.

Same leaves, different angle!

Not long until they will look like this!

Definitely a forthcoming feast for the eyes!


  1. I just love the autumn and its wonderful colours but I don't much care for what comes after it....

  2. I know...........I couldn't believe how quickly ours turned red too! But now they are all falling off already! Not sure if it is earlier than normal, or if it just seems like that because it is still so hot so late in the year!?!

  3. Oh I love Virginia Creeper. It grew on the house I grew up in in Leeds (wow, that's not a tidy sentence but I'm too tired to reword it!) and it's always made me smile.

  4. I really love the hot weather, so whilst i have no complaints at all about the recent heat, i must admit that i love the changing autumn colours!