Monday, 10 October 2011

OOTD - Sunday

OOTD posts have been a bit sparse since Mr B has gone back to work!

We snuck into town yesterday for a while, ending up at my mums' flat. But not before going for a nosey round TKMaxx!

These are my fave black linen pants; a bit palazzo-y and very comfy! The mustard top nods to the autumn colour trend. I found it a bit vivid, (this was its' first outing) and I must sort out a better bra to wear with it!!!! The black mac is a brill bargain...12 quid from TK a while back. It gets a lot of wear as it is very lightweight but good against the showers. And it has a hood that rolls up into the ruffley collar. Neat! I will do a close up of the bag when we get a bit of sunshine again. Mr B brought it back from Target in the USA. It's a camouflage-style print but done with swallows!

Mr B is in Sunderland for the week. Never mind, I had 2 firemen visit today, doing smoke alarm checks. They fitted a new all signing, all dancing alarm. Nothing wrong with the old one, but old was the operative word!
Two encounters with firemen in one year! Thankfully, not in life-threatening situations. But I always find it very difficult to get my head around what they can have to face on a daily basis. I just don't know how they do it. What extremely brave men, and women.
Z xx


  1. Love the mustard top ... that's my sort of colour and fireman visiting .... lucky you ;-)

    The free smoke alarm scheme was operating round here last year .... what a good idea.

    Have a good week x

    ps spookily just noticed the word verification is ingine ..... is that as in fire ingine !!!

  2. You look gorgeous in yellow! such a cheerful and sunny outfit. xxx