Friday, 14 October 2011

Picture Heavy Catch-Up Post

My heffalump pressie from Vix. He is gonna be so cute when he's sewn up and stuffed!
Thank you ever so much, Vix, I love him. (But as yet he has no name. Any ideas?)

Don't know if you believe in Karma, but...I sent Christy's baby a soft cuddly toy heffalump that she let me know she received, the same day as I met Vix! Spooky, huh?

A while back I was lucky enough to win this fab book on Mary Poppins' blog. I haven't used any of the recipes yet, but I have at least now tried one. I like the look of cupcakes more, but Whoopies seem to be a much lighter, delicate morsel!

I rather like the cute 'hamburger' whoopie and the cute ideas for upcoming Halloween.

There have been lots of forays in recent months to Homesense/TKMaxx! 10 quid got the 2 baking trays, mini roasting tin, slotted wooden spoon and the small draining ladle. Result! The cupcake cloth is by Jackie Llewellyn Bowen, (wife of Laurence), who seems to be able to make a living from anything. (In a good way!) I came across her years back, before she was married I think, when we lent her some wedding dresses for a book she wrote. Small world! Anyhoo, I'd been eyeing this up for weeks, until it eventually went to red label, (sale); so in I swooped! The floral drawstring bag is a big linen-y number, which I bought yesterday for £2.99!
Oh, I do love Homesense!!

These are the Skechers 'Shape Ups' from Brantanos. The sole is curved so that your body works to keep steady, if that makes sense! It is meant to tone up your legs, bum and body core. I did have a pair of MBTs, the original tone up footwear, but they were quite difficult to feel safe on. The Skechers are much better, for me, but I can still feel them working.

The scarf is again a TKMaxx bargain. It was all screwed up when the colour beckoned me. I thought the squiggles looked very Zandra Rhodes-ish, so into the basket it went. When I got it home and opened it out I couldn't believe it! So much bigger than I thought and sequins too! Not quite a can can dancer, Vix, but very close!

This Butlins tin I bought off Debbie at Lalabaibaby, at the Fair in Northampton. (Yes, I know that was forever ago!). Mr B bought a tray years ago in the same style. But it brings back such happy memories for me, as I did a season at Bognor, when I was a student. I started as a barmaid, then became an itinerary clerk. Loved it!

Even further back in time, at the Market harborough Fair, I found this beautiful 1930s hat. Also from Debbie, but this is Debbie of Vintage Wants. She found it out in the States, and I feel jolly lucky to have bought it. I just adore the colour!

And finally, on this mammoth post a couple of shots of my table that I used to lay stuff out on to photograph.

Somebody had chucked it out on the pavement, so it came home to us! The Fiji Islands Table has 3 legs and is not very stable -which is why it probably got thrown out!-but when it's wedge against something sturdy it is one of Rene's favourite places to sit.

Have a great weekend everyone!
Z xx


  1. Love all the catching up!! :) Your new heffalump is just adorable and looks like it will make quite the fun project. Baby Boy loves his new softie elephant, and Little Guy has named it "Wilson". Haha. Those Sketchers are adorable and love the scarf too!

    I will be blogging about your lovely gift soon. I took the pics and just need to get them loaded. I'm so slow these days!! Don't think it means I'm not thankful! :)

  2. Where do I start? Love the scarf and that fabulous hat. You found that table? Lucky you, it's magnificent.
    I can't wait for the heffalump to take shape. x

  3. that hat is fabulous! loving the color as well.

    have a wonderful weekend!


  4. punk Bruce! ha- sounds about right!
    have a good week

  5. Oh I am always amazed at a) what people chuck out and b) what bargains you can get a TK Maxx!! Both absolutely fab, loving Vix's elephant too how sweet.