Friday, 10 February 2012

RIP Millenium Dome. Long Live The 02 Arena!

If you have read my earlier posts you may recall that we spent Christmas in London because Mr B was working here.

The Main Entrance.

The Foyer.
(The bar where we partied is just to the right of here.)

The view back to where you come in.

But, of course, this being Pennyblossoms, you go in here!

And you can see things like this...

...that are at the bottom of these...

light wands

flight cases full of expensive lighting kit and stuff

Mr B spent New Years Eve doing this! Although he and his props where actually in the bit known as The Bubble.

So, seeing as we are in a Hard Hat Area it seems fitting to post this...

...and these, which was a pack of chocolate tools!

That was at the end of last year. Tomorrow I hope to get to here.

Seeing as I missed the Jumble in January I am in need of a good dose of Vintage and a natter with all me blogging mates! We travel over by coach; the journey is always picturesque, but with the added delight of a layer of snow it should be absolutely delightful.
Can't wait!
Z xx

Edit: Nahh! Of course, ga-ga brain here! They actually did the get-out the day before NYE, didn't they! And it was dancers' class that was in The Bubble. The props were packed up in an indoor trailer parking area!


  1. Can't wait to se you both tomorrow. We just got back from setting up over there.
    Ann x

  2. oohhh lovely have a great day tommorrow ;-)) dee xx

  3. have loads of fun & I hope you have a fabulous time!! :)

  4. Sounds like the best way to spend NYE! Hope your blogging get-together is fab!xx

  5. The Vintage Fair sounds SOOOOOO good - I wish, I wish, I wish I could go with you!! It sounds perfect for a day's gentle browsing.

    Please report back every single detail!!


  6. Hope you had a brilliant day!
    I love your llama jacket, I've got a bag that matches that somewhere! x

  7. Wow Im so surprised what it looks like inside, as it just looks like a big tent! Im just writing todays post, Im wearing the gloves you sent me xx