Friday, 17 February 2012


A couple of bargain sale (75% off!) hair flowers from Abakahn in Manchester.
Now I can follow in the footsteps of The Stylist and her Mum, (OMG...Desiree is doing a giveaway of 2 of these headbands!!!! Hyperventilate!! Hyperventilate!!) and Pete Burns!

I bought this ring at Bank at the Trafford Centre. I absolutely love this on me, but I bought it to replace...

...the missing rose from this clutch bag!

I loved the Alexander McQueen clutches long before he passed away and now they top over a grand a bag. My bag was a tenner add the ring=bargain. But now I need to find a bit of bling to use instead of the ring!

Having mentioned Pete Burns, here's a very poor photo of my pink sequined heart brooch as sported on the DOA cover.

Mr B bought me this when we lived in London c1989. It came from Wayne Hemingway's Covent Garden store, Red or Dead. (HE of the Vintage Fair held at Goodwood. Mind you, on getting the link it seems there may've been a bit of 'falling out'!). It is signed, Michael 'something'! I know the info is on the album cover, but that's not to hand, so will add it as an edit, as and when.

Pink, sequins, heart. What's not to love?
Z xx


  1. oohh gorgeous glitzy post ;-) Love the flowers to very pretty. Have a fab weekend, dee xx

  2. Pink, sequins, heart and Pete! So much fabulousness in one post! xxx

  3. Shiny!! I love your bag. No idea how people can spend a grand on a handbag though!

    I've tagged you in my latest blog post. Hope you fancy having a go :)

  4. Oh my Pete Burns' head gear is to die for!!!!!!! Clearly it's time for me to take it up a notch or two:)))!!! Thanks so much for the mention hon, it's great fun having The Stylist involved ... what would I do without her? Oh my your clutch is utterly divine and thank you for showing us that awesome album cover!!! xoxoxo