Thursday, 2 February 2012

Enter the Dragon

We had intended to come home from Manchester on Sunday. Thank goodness we didn't. It was the Chinese New Year celebrations in Chinatown, across the road from our hotel. I think the actual day was the previous Monday, so it was a surprise when we heard the drumming from the procession as we headed out of the door! Didn't really see much, but it sounded fantastic!

The Dragon illuminated at night.

Fireworks AND tram!
(I have tried to download a film of the fireworks to no avail, so will try again tomorrow)

Can't beat a lantern. Except with a string of lanterns!

Moody side street.

Yay! More lanterns and a Mini!
Click to Mix and Solve
And now a little admission! My total weakness is a site called 'Jigzone'. Everyday a new jigsaw with a choice of how many pieces. Today's was this one and you can follow the link by clicking on the arrow, bottom left-hand corner. Enjoy!
Z xx


  1. I live in Manchester!
    I love Chinese NY!
    So colourful and fun!


  2. lovely photo's. It looks really magcial and i can just imagin the atmosphere ;-)) Happy puzzle making and have a great weekend, dee xx

  3. What a lucky surprise for you! A bonus Chinese New Year celebration right on your doorstep. The pics are wonderful, and I bet they don't even do it justice. Glad you got to see it, and share it with us too. Hope your new year (the standard one and the Chinese one too) is going great!!! :)