Monday, 13 February 2012

MH-The First Time

Seeing as I didn't get to the Fair on Saturday, I thought I'd download pictures from the very first Fair held at Market Harborough, that I don't believe I ever published.

Tea Room...but I think they now do the 'Vintage' one, as at Northampton. Oo, homemade cream meringues. Heaven!

If anyone recognises who these beautiful shoes belong to, or where they are from, please let me know!

No, someone didn't bring a bed to the Fair! This is my favouritest shop in MH, Anne Karin. She will also come and design your interiors too. Can you imagine how beautiful they would be?

I think this is from an Asian wedding. Just the most stunning embroidery. When I win The Lottery, this will come home with me!

We have one of the stone 'Victoria' angels that is in the centre of this picture. Weighs a ton and I managed to catch my jumper on her and pulled her over! Luckily just a wing broke off and she was promptly moved to the porch window sill, out of the way, but on view. Then the Asian kiddies called her 'gay' cos she has a boob on display(!), so at the moment she is languishing in our lock-up!

We always used to eat at Webbs, just tucked behind Anne's, but this has changed hands and is now Milo's.

Our belated lunch. Or maybe tea!

My ploughman's.

Mr B's quiche.

Me, grinning in anticipation!

And in a prequel to St Valentines' Day...a hand-painted cherub from the ceiling of Anne Karin.
I love you all, my bloggy friends, old and new. (Will do a proper welcome to my newbie Followers at some point, but thanks for clicking that 'Follow' button, I really do appreciate it!).
Z xx

(Had a crap weekend; never been so happy for a Monday to come around! Still dragging myself around today...still, I guess it can [hopefully] only improve!)


  1. Sorry to hear that your weekend's been crappy, sending you lots of love and hugs for a happier week ahead.
    How gorgeous is that bed and that stunning Indian embroidery?
    You look beautiful, as ever! xxx

  2. So sorry we didn't get to see you on Saturday, we missed you.
    Ann x

  3. Hope your week is a lot better, and look forward to meeting again at Northampton : )

    Hugs ((( )))

    Sharon xx

  4. Wishing you good days ahead!! Love the pics in this post. :)