Monday, 28 May 2012

Birthday COTD

At the Vintage Fair, Carol said to come and have a cake. Then she very kindly said to choose one as a gift! A whole host of crafted beauties on her stall to choose from; I thought that this one was suitably jubilympic.
She didn't know it was my birthday today, so I said I would save it for then. Her mum said not to eat it all at once and their lovely vintage friend, Sally-Ann, politely kept her thoughts to herself!

C'mon, how cute is the face on this dolly? She was not for sale, but was there for a day out and to model headbands!

And here is the centre of the perfect plate to eat my cake off, which was a Giveaway gift from Tcakes.

Bloggers are the best!

Also, just in case some of you on foreign shores are wondering about this weird word that keeps popping up, 'jubilympics' you know!
It has been the one thing that has really struck a chord with me about the whole shenanigans

I will probably edit this post with better daylight photos at a later date, but just wanted to get the post up before midnight!
Z xx


  1. Happy Birthday for yesterday!! Sending you lots of love & best wishes! xxx

  2. Hope you had a fabulous day xxxx

  3. Happy birthday for monday and thank you for my lovely card - please email me your address! :)
    I like the Jubilympics idea - some of my guides came up with the idea of this and made up some sports-day style races like corgi racing (you have to be a corgi) and butler racing (relay carrying a tray with cups of water) etc. It was hilarious.