Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Train hard. Eat fresh.

After having travelled from Poole down to Truro, for a 2 o'clock start, come half past 5, Paul, Patch, Charlie and I wandered into Subway.

"Look at us", said Patch, "it's like 'Last of the Summer Wine'." "We didn't do too badly", I said. "Not bad for 3 1/2 hours", said Paul.

Talking about the journey up, Patch said his new car had a dashboard display to read incoming texts from his phone, with buttons on the steering wheel so as you can scroll backwards and forwards. "It found my ipad", he said, "it was in my bag and wasn't even switched on. The Bluetooth found it and it came up on the screen that these tunes were available and I thought, hang on, those are the same tunes as on my ipad. What if you were in traffic, standing at the lights, and it started to download tunes from the ipod in the car next to you?"

Paul said "Now it really does sound like 'Last of the Summer Wine', talking about the scary new technology."

"Shall we put Mr B in a barrel and roll him down a hill?" said Patch.


  1. Last of the summer wine a great favourite in our house. Always made us laugh. Don't make tv like that these days. Got I sound old lol.

    Hope your having a good week.

    PS I love Truro

  2. Ive actually been rolled down a hill in a barrel, not as much fun as you might have thought lol x