Friday, 25 May 2012

Summer Lovin'

So, a little change to my header, (again)! Thought an ice-cream loving photo of me many moons ago rather befitting for this wonderful weather. Except I now really cannot cope with hot anymore. Hells Bells...aging, as much as I am happy to accept it, can be a bummer.

Looking forward to this tomorrow. Pimms AND homemade meringues, I simply could not ask for anything better! Though not actually consumed together, perhaps!

I'm thinking a red, white and blue outfit, of course! But I painted my toenails yesterday with my Christmas pressie varnish from Vix, which, although beautiful, (kept catching myself gazing at it last night!!), does not go with my colour scheme, so it may mean closed-toe footwear. But that will probably be a good idea to save my tootsies being trampled on in the rush to all those fab stalls! (Or, the Pimms stall!).

So, however you are planning to spend your weekend, have a good one!
Z xx