Sunday, 27 May 2012


Whaddaya mean? Too much Pimms!

Reclining in our garden after a fabulous afternoon at the Vintage Fair & Jubilee Garden Party.

I do believe there is a photo of my mum wearing this hat at the seaside in the 70s.

Jubilympic rump!

Threw my jewellery off and this is how 2 of the bracelets landed....aaaah, a heart.

The 'bettys'.

My 'homage to Jamie Reid' nail!
Jamie did all the design work for the Sex Pistols and was once married to Margi Clarke. (That was one brave man!!)

OMG! Danielle Rose.... I have a lot of practising to do!!


  1. Ha ha ha sounds like you have had a great day ;-)) Your garden looks gorgeous just like you. You have made me smile. dee xx

  2. You look gorgeous and you've certainly got a Pimms glow about you! Love that patriotic nail and your Mum's hat! xxx

  3. Haha. It looks like you had a brilliant day! I've not had any pimms so far this summer! I'll have a go at flag nails soon I think :] x

  4. So sad to have missed the Pimms-a-thon yesterday ..... looks like you had a great time x

  5. It was so lovely to meet you at the Jubilee Fair. I researched those canisters and they are 195o's! Am now going to follow your great blog. Hope to see you at another fair soon. Love Nostalgic Vicky

  6. How lovely is your garden! There is never such a thing as too much pimms he he. Really like the trainers xx