Sunday, 30 September 2012

Dublin, Home Of Guinness

A little film off the back of an open-top bus touring around Dublin, in 2011.
Mr B was working there, (at the theatre, not at Guinness'), and, as mentioned by the tour guide, also actually visited the Jameson's Distillery, which made me very happy (!), as he brought home whiskey, whiskey marmalade and a really beautiful glass bauble for the Christmas tree. It didn't get used last year as we weren't at home, so it'll come up all fresh and new in a couple of months or so. 
I can see why they didn't use their home base for the video, (tho' I really don't understand the reasoning behind where they did use?), as it quite gives me the creeps! It conjures up the evil Gotham City of the Batman films, except this place is for real. I think it could make a really brilliant film setting for James Bond, or such-like, don't you?
Z xx


  1. Ooh that is a bit Gotham-esque! How lovely that you'll be at home for Christmas this year. Hope we get to see the beautiful bauble.

  2. Im on a silly laptop that wont let me watch video's but i take your word on it that it looked like batman ;-)) It will be great this xmas for you with all your new kitchen etc ;-)) I can't wait to get the decorations from the loft its like seeing old friends this xmas i will be mrs west ;-)) Exciting times. Please show your bauble nearer the time i love seeing peoples decoratins. I hope your well lovely, hugs dee xx