Saturday, 15 September 2012

Friday Night Was "Go To Manchester Night"

What would James Bond have done if he had left his roll-along behind the Iron Curtain? He would probably just pull up outside the hotel, take his tuxedo out of the boot and get the Aston Martin valet-parked, whilst making a wry, witty comment like "Excuse my friend, he's just dead", as a would-be assailant sits slumped in the passenger seat.
But what if he were taking the Trans Siberian Express? I think if Bond did have a suitcase, it would be not much bigger than one of those 'Secret Sam' spy briefcases that I saw advertised on TV as a boy...enough room for a periscope and a martini glass, but not a weeks worth of clothes. I'm pretty sure that I tucked my 'Skyflight' 2-wheeled roll along holdall just behind the door of our storage container in readiness for the up and coming trip.
That was all those weeks ago whilst Moneypenny, (Mrs B), and I were clearing the flat so that Q could come and install all those gadgets - cooker, radiators, shower.
As the evening weather has gone a bit 'From Russia With Love', Moneypenny said she only had little cocktail dresses and kitten heels with daggers concealed in the toes, left in the flat and may well have to retrieve a trench coat or such-like from storage. That didn't happen, so I've ended up using my 'Vegas' case which would've been perfect if this was 'Diamonds Are Forever', but it is a bit big for this trip.
My Bond girl and I have just spent the evening in our 'boutique' hotel listening to Radio 2s 'Friday Night Is Music Night' on the BBC iPlayer
Worth following the link for the picture of Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode alone!
I was a fan of John Barry's music long before I bought 'Funky Moped' or 'Kung Fu Fighting'.
Did Bond ever have a roll along? Of course he did...a golf bag in 'Goldfinger'.

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