Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Should've Worn The Pith Helmet

When Howard Carter was asked if he could see anything, when he peered into Tutankhamen's tomb for the first time he replied "Yes. Wonderful things!"

The wonderful thing I was trying to excavate from the back of our storage container on Saturday, were the Tea for Two, cane table and chair set. Mrs B was sitting on the step-stool in the little bit of shade opposite. It did feel like The Valley of the Kings as I brought boxes marked 'Fragile - Sideboard' and a standard lamp out into brilliant sunshine. Having cleared the path which led to the artifact I was after I called out to Mrs B "Do you want any of these coats?" I gently removed a vacuum bag of bedclothes revealing my prize. Then, suddenly, like that giant stone ball in 'Temple of Doom' two bumper (ironically named) banana boxes shifted from behind me, hitting me on the head and pinning me forward over the table...curse of the Pharaohs!

Mrs B rushed in assuming the role of Lara Croft, to rescue me. I was recounting this to my commuter friend, Rob, this morning. He's a Graphic Artist for a gaming company. I told him that when I once worked at 5th Avenue Nightclub, in Southsea, there was a lad on the bar staff who loved playing the Indiana Jones 'reels game' fruit machine because a voice from the film would say "I told you not to touch that, Indy."

As we talked, another film image came to mind from Laurel & Hardy. Ollie is sitting in a fireplace where the chimney has just collapsed. He sits there, looking into camera, braced as the inevitable last 2 bricks fall down, on his head.

I get to work and say to my boss, (having had the Monday off), "Did it knock some sense into me? I don't think so...it's like Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em." "Is Michelle Dotrice at home?" said my boss.
Cut to the image of Oliver Hardy as the last brick bounces off his head.
"I see wonderful things"

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