Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Feast For The Eyes (& the tum!)

My most favourite breakfast meal ever! With a wonderful mix of seeds/nuts/dried fruit. Yum!

The milk is served in the cutest Friesen cow-patterned ceramic milk bottles.
And check, (no pun intended!), those teeny-tiny Bon Maman preserve jars. I asked them if they can keep some empties for me; perfect for all those bead-y bits and pieces, in what will eventually be a crafting space for me.

I have to admit smoked haddock is my favourite-est breakfast fish. No egg, just a bit of bread and butter, perfect. But when I'm feeling brave a kipper is pretty yummy too...just don't like all those thin little bones.

I missed breakfast this morning,(boo), 'cos I just went back to sleep after Mr B went to work. Yesterday I went down on my own, (brave!) and had boiled eggs and soldiers as my cooked meal. They were cooked just right - solid white with a runny yolk.
Saturday I was really wicked and had the fresh waffle, (huge!), with bacon and maple syrup. It was amazing and I will definitely order that again before the week is out. I could eat it every morning but that would be just baaaaad!

Mr B plumped for scrambled egg and smoked salmon both meals he had. The second time they missed off the salmon and they brought out what seemed to be a whole salmon, (well, a slight exaggeration there, but a huge piece by anyones standards); there was 2 very well fed cats that morning!!

The food at Manchester Mal has been fantastic but, if you need to be somewhere on time, get to the dining room really early. Service can be very slow, but I think this is only when it is super busy and because everything is cooked to order, which really does make a difference to the food you are eating and one I am quite happy to put up with.

We have had an evening meal too; a special deal that you print off from the Internet. Two courses for 2 people with a bottle of wine for £29.00. If you live near a Mal, I'd definitely recommend it.
Will post photos at a later date.


  1. Ooooh, you make me hungry at these photos!! I think I need to get me something to eat!