Thursday, 6 September 2012

My Knight In Shining Armour In His Dashing White Police Car!

I know! If you could be sure of being rescued by Tom, you'd get yourself into all sorts of scrapes, wouldn't you?????

I' d enrolled in a learn2b course that my Support Worker had helped me find. Four weeks of 'Scrap Booking' held just round the corner, literally, from home. It was the last night of the 4 week course and I turned up about 10 minutes before it was due to start at 6. The place was locked and absolutely no one around. I sat in the sun, not too worried, thinking they'll all turn up soon.

About 5 past 6 I walked back round to the front of the building and to my horror the car park gates had been padlocked!

Phoned 999, worried that my mobile charge would run out, as it just kept ringing thru'. You see, I thought that by ringing the police they would have a key holders number. Fat bloomin' chance!

So, after a while, PC Tom arrived. After lots of trying to find someone with a key, he jumped up and scaled the wall past this evil gate and jumped down into the car park. None of the contact numbers on the posters on the building went thru' to anyone just an answerphone. Tried tracing the owners of the vans left there, (it is a Resource Centre for disabled people and they have specially adapted transport kept there), no joy.

Wrong side of the gate!!

So, the next course of action was to locate some bolt cutters. That took a while and when they finally arrived, about 40 minutes later, they barely made a dent in the metal!

I'm NOT A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here!

By this time Mr B had arrived home from work and I'd become the centre of attraction for a group of 'yoofs' that Tom knew in his role as a PC. 'Nuff said! Thankfully, 'Gadget' the PC who brought the cutters knew the people in the area and managed to locate an A-frame ladder, as they tried to convince me I could get over the wall into the garden full of nettles next door.

Tom had already brought round the wooden bench that I'd been enjoying the sun on earlier and very tentatively I clambered up as tho' mounting a horse(!), swung my legs, that were now feeling very jelly-like, over the side and stepped onto the ladder and safety. Many thanks to the chap at 117, the ladder man from across the road and PC 'Gadget'.

I even got a lift home in Toms' police that upped my 'street cred'!
Z xx

PS The course had been cancelled because the staff at the Centre were being quite unhelpful and eventually said that there was no-one who could lock up at 8 when we finished. To think that the learn2b courses are held for people with 'problems' for want of a better term, and my 'problem' is panic/anxiety attacks is just too bizarre!


  1. Oh what a nightmare! I can't believe that they didn't check round the building before locking up, or that they were that disobliging to cancel and not tell you in the first place!

    Tom is *extremely* nice though! Did you check for a wedding ring? ;-)

  2. Wow, you had a bit of an adventure and how cute is Tom! xx ps that is extremely poor service by the Centre :(

  3. An evening to be remembered then Zoe, mind you Tom is rather cute and if you have to be rescued then I think that someone like him would be very acceptable. Can just see you trying to get over the fence, sorry but it did raise a smile...