Thursday, 28 November 2013

I Made This

When I was in Plymouth I did my little foray to Dunelm Mill. We don't have one near us at home so it's like a little treat for me which takes a couple of buses to get to. There is a Hobbycraft next door so I have to have a little snoop around there too! Which is where I found these Jesse James beads. I was so wanting to make them into a bracelet and picked out findings, thread and some extra beads that I put in a pot. But, no, you can't buy just a few have to buy a pot-full that starts at £4.99 - £7.99.
So, I just kept these and finally, with a few bits from my stash I made this. 

I used earring wires and cut and twisted them into 'links', joining the next one before closing the loop. I'm really chuffed how it worked; so much so I never took it off the first night I mad it!!

How many of you remember this, from the end credits of the TV version of the X Files?

One of those 'bits' we would always join in with.
Now it's The Big Bang Theory theme song and I'm looking forward to a double bill tonight!
(Hope the neighbours can't hear me!)
to all my American readers.
Z xx