Monday, 4 November 2013

Un-packing List

I always write my 'packing list' after I've come home. I put down what I took, adding in if I didn't wear it. 
*Gold coat is not as gold as it sounds! But I know which coat I mean
I've got these lists going back years; they don't change much. Plymouth in March is pretty much the same as Plymouth at the end of October!
Most of the time!
I remember when Vix was doing her last trip abroad and I commented her she had got it down to such a fine art that she could fit all she needed for 3 weeks into a wash bag! A slight exaggeration, I know, but as she replied, it is SO awkward packing for the UK. You need to cover all bases...wind, rain, sun and, on our earlier return trip this year, snow! 
I try and sort out 'little outfits' than can be layered up and down depending on the weather. I need to try and pack something smart-ish for going to see the show; can't let the side down and go in looking like a tramp.
That happened once to me and I felt really uncomfortable!
I'd gone to 'The Wells' to drop off a costume I'd been working on for a friend for this gala he was taking part in with Diana, Princess of Wales, as Guest of Honour. I'd turned up in sweatpants etc and then was asked if I wanted a guest ticket. Well, I wasn't going to say no, was I?
So, there I was, tucked in the audience, looking like a bag lady, surrounded by bods all dressed up to the nines! It's funny now, but I did feel a bit mortified then!
Who'd have thought, a couple of years later I would be stitching stuff for PoW, (as we called her), myself?
Certainly not me!
Funny, this thing called Life, eh?


  1. I agree, it's much harder to pack for a week away in the UK than a month in India! x

  2. I always love an excuse to dress up and seeing a show is a great one for that. I always feel overdressed at the theatre as more often than not ours is full of people in their jeans. :/

  3. How hard is it to pack for the UK, I had to go to Chester for a day course and it was like there were four seasons in one day: freezing cold, rain then sunshine and t-shirt weather! I do like a good list though!x