Thursday, 28 October 2010

The Loveliest Train Journey

I was going to upload these sections of film because they show, what I think, is some of the most beautiful railway views.

The area is Dawlish, which is a big summer holiday place. But imagine all this out of season. Magical!

This second film shows the continuing view but out of the other side of the train. It looks out over the deer park at Powderham Castle. Stunning!

Then I read about 'Little Man', (Christy's little boy) going on his train journey and loving it, so that made a double reason to upload it. I must apologise for the sound quality, or lack of it (!), but sticking your camcorder out of a train window that is hurtling along at probably 100mph doesn't create the best sound environment going!

I do hope you follow the links. Lovely pictures and info.

Also, there is a webcam available to view at Dawlish Warren.

Z xx


  1. Wow, Powederham Castle is very beautiful. I do love looking out of train windows. There's a fab stretch on the Liverpool - Newcastle journey that never fails to make me smile at the sheer beauty of it all.

  2. I absolutely love Dawlish, I used to go out with an Exeter lad many many moons ago and we spent many happy sunny days there. It really is one of the prettiest stretches of railway I've been on. Other favourites include the line through the Norfolk Broads between Norwich and Lowestoft, the Trans-Pennine lines and crossing the Tyne on the way in to Newcastle.

    Thanks for the tip about the flesh coloured fishnets, unfortunately M&S don't seem to be stocking them at the moment, I shall keep looking though.

  3. Fabulous train journey!! Can't wait to take another one myself, though our views are certainly quite different from yours. Seeing your journey makes me feel like I've been off on a great vacation. Thanks for sharing it. :)

  4. This looks beautiful! Kinda makes me wish it was summer time instead of November. Honestly it rained for 18 hours straight here in Belfast so a nice little train journey in the sunshine along the seaside would be very nice indeed. It's just not the same when it's raining cats n dogs out :)