Friday, 2 April 2010

Happy Easter

Have a wonderful weekend.

This jug was our CS find in Totnes when did our first visit last year. It was bought to be used as a prop, until I fell in love with it and something else was found instead!

Yes, I know cupcakes aren't specific to Easter, but they blend in SO well!

And, of course, a pink "Christmas" tree is appropriate. But the tiny coloured, wooden eggs (you can just about make them out), came from Lausanne, way back in about 1993!It was the last foreign tour that the company that Mr Blossom worked with did before the Arts Council pulled the rug out from under them (boo). It is the only foreign tour I have done with Mr B and it was magical. Anyway, eveywhere seemed to have little tree branches with these eggs on. At that time, I had never seen anything like it in England, and it was a 'thing' we tried to do most years since. But this year, with inspiration from other blogs, I think I have outdone myself. The top of the piano has turned into a fairy wonderland!!

Take care all, and be careful of all the choccy if you have pets. I know Tabby would happily lick chocolate if she got a chance, but it would make her seriously ill! So, sorry mate, you're outta luck!

Z x

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  1. Love it! And for the record... cupcakes are perfect for every holiday I believe (Ester included). :)