Friday, 23 April 2010


It's that time of the month again...

...the last Saturday in the month -tomorrow I hasten to add. I missed the last one due to being in Plymouth, so this will come up all fresh again. Good-o.

(What did you think I meant?????)

A loud, rapturous welcome to several new friends (fiends?), Little Miss B, who is into hats, which is what I specialised in at college, (tho' costume opportunities took over once I left), so, of course I LURVE her blog, and Kim @ The Girl Can't Help It, in the States. Her writing is sharp and scathing, but in a good way. She makes me laugh....a lot....out loud! Mr B loves her site too. There used to be A Girl Can't Help It in Islington, run by Sparkle Moore, but I think she's in Alfies' Antiques Market now. But they both do that 50s/60s bombshell vintage clothing and other affiliated stuff. Great to peruse. And hello to Retrobluebell, who I know nothing about! Tell me more Miss R Bluebell!!

And "thank you" to Christy and Alex from Mr Blossom, for his birthday wishes. He had a great time.
I'm going to stop typing as I keep jiggling to Ian Drury and now Dr Feelgood on TV and keep hitting the wrong key!

Whatever you are all doing, have a great weekend,

Z xx


  1. Oooohh I've heard about this but never been. Do you just wander in and look around?
    I did a craft fair at the high school in hardingstone a while ago so would be interested in doing this one. Hmmmm a thinker!
    You missed my bday because i didnt want to make a big song and dance of it. I seem to be getting a lot of good luck at the moment (yes, I just touched wood) so i didnt want to rub more of it in your faces :)
    Glad you liked the Max Factor Masc, I was driving through Kingsthorpe in the hail and tres unpleased!! It's May for gawds sake!! xxxx

  2. Hiya sprinkles! You book a pitch at The Nook cafe, (open Thurs/Fri/Sat), which I think is a fiver, or maybe ten, but you must have a bicycle! But they have them to hire for another fiver. Laura & Hannah just have a kiddies bike, (see pic of their stall on 3rd May post). It can be a mixed bag but it does seem to have a really good camaraderie. Give it a whirl! May 29 is the next one! I'm going to meet Sharon (Crafty Trundler) for coffee-maybe come and join us?
    I loved your Accessorize necklace too. Mr B found it for me, and the bracelet too, when he was in Manchester. Oo, I'm a lucky girl'
    Z xx