Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Square Eyes

Me again!

Anyone else watch the wonderful Alys Fowlers' Edible Garden on BBC2 at 8pm? Goodness, I'm all full of ideas to do in the garden now. Sadly, I only have a teeny tiny space in the front and not much more in the back and a lot of it is shaded a lot of the time, so I think I may have run out of space.
I truly believe my garden has been a life saver for me. That sounds OTT but whereas so much else has been too overpowering to keep up with during the worst time of my illness, the garden for all it is hard work sometimes, it gets my mind focussed I guess. Whatever, I am so thankfull for it, whatever the size. As they say, size isn't everything!!!!

You may know of the Cockney rhyming slang of 'apples and pears', which means stairs. Well, this is strawberry pots and pears, which stands for nothing at all! Sorry, it's getting late. It was daylight when I started this post! Only kidding.

Alys was followed by Cracking Antiques. That's pretty damn good too. Showing that 'antiques', ie secondhand, can be much better and cheaper that the High Street. Well, all us Bloggers may know that, but they show some good stuff. Tonight was Catherine Shinn for vintage furnishing fabrics and trims. Maybe some of you know of her, (I don't...didn't), but I loved what they showed...even if they did spend £120 on trim for curtains!!! Argh! I'd want to do curtains for the whole home for that! Well, you know what I mean.!! But the bed place near Brighton in the first episode was brilliant. And maybe I won't get rid of mums' Scheurich vase after all!
Z xx

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