Tuesday, 20 April 2010

A better frame of mind

Evenin' all.

Mr B sent me this photo at tea.
A warm welcome to A Thrifty Mrs, a lady whose blog I have to admit I have lurked on; and also, Alex, from Odd Socks. A newbie to me, so I shall enjoy reading about my new 'friend'.
I've been v. busy in the garden the last couple of days. Mr B brought home a plastic walk-in greenhouse that he found in Sunderland and I have FILLED it right up. Sprout, courgette, lupin, oriental poppy, bean, delphinium and sunflower seeds. I think the sunflowers were from The Lowry leftover from The Calendar Girls promo, if I remember rightly. If they all grow I have no idea where they will all go. Swopsies with one of my neighbours maybe.
It is Mr Blossoms birthday tomorrow, along with the Queen and Iggy Pop. Class!
Nighty night all.
Z x

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