Tuesday, 6 April 2010


Those bloomin' blackbirds. I've just escaped from 'the birds'! I have had to put on a hat and glasses to protect me whilst hanging up the washing. And as for the poor cats-they just dive bomb them. It is quite scary out in the garden at the mo! I have locked the cat flap (with them on the inside!), as there is a fledgling flapping about. It's not one from the nest as I can see their 2 little 'uns and hear them squawking for food. So I don't know who this other one belongs to.

Please just hurry up and learn to fly (away).

Some of you may recognise the following pictures from a post I did mid-March; I Shop Therefore I Am. Yep, well, clever old me realised (eventually) that I had downloaded the same towel photo twice. Thought 'I'll delete that and put in the other one that was supposed to be there'. Yeah, right. Deleted the photo and, somehow, the rest of the post. Darn!

But as I thought they were so pretty and received lovely comments (those sadly lost too), including 2 from new followers, Mel and Charl, that I'd re-post them.

Cupcake apron, child-size, that I use as a bib when I eat. (The hand/eye co-ordination is not what it was!)

My doggy cushion and Baby Phat baby blanket that I wrap around my knees when watching tele.

The cushion the post took its' name from.

And, finally, the book from Mr B, that Sal rather liked the look of.
Have a good week,
Z x

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