Thursday, 22 April 2010

Did you let it RIP?

I hope you did.

It is Malcolm McLarens' funeral today. His son, Joe Corre, asked fans to let it RIP at midday by playing your favourite record for 1 minute at full blast, ( I chose C30, C60, C90 by Bow Wow Wow and, boy, I didn't know my little pink CD player could be SO loud. I think my immediate neighbours were out, and hell, if they weren't I've put up with some cr*p from some of 'em over the years, so 'Cheers, Mr M.'

Love him or loathe him, he touched a lot of peoples lives. Joe was the co-founder of the undies (understatement) shop, Agent Provocateur, His mother is Vivienne Westwood,

I was never 'a punk' but it was a big part of Mr Bs' life.
I've downloaded a YouTube film of Bow Wow Wow, but realised I should have done that first and then written my post around it, cos I don't know how to put it into what I have already written, ie, here! So that is why it is a seperate post! Next time, eh?
So, celebrate a legend. I can recommend a really loud song and a dance in the hallway - it was very liberating. And it made Mr Blossom laugh!
Z xx

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