Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Happy Birthday

A HUGE Happy Birthday to Mr Blossom, who has decided he is a comedy genius at 49! To use Lous' (from Sparkle of Glitter) phrase - woop woop!

"Is it a bird? Is it a plane?"

"No, it's a bird."

Boom boom.

It has been a real hooha, this volcanic ash business, hasn't it? With some not very nice things occurring. Mr B saw a retired ballet director in Pret the other night and poor chap-he was out (working) in Karlsruhe, Germany, and had a devil of a job getting home. He eventually came back by train and it was SO overcrowded that it had to be run on the slow line because it was too heavy to use the usual fast one. I find that quite worrying. And he's in his eighties and a Sir to boot. Hope I'm still gadding around at that age!!!!

One of the crew had to travel back down to London from Edinburgh; he was going to fly down and then couldn't. He'd checked the train fare price and then when he went to travel, found out they had bumped up the price. Blooming cheek and rather a nasty thing to do. It wasn't Virgin...they were letting people had had bought plane tickets travel on their trains instead. So, woop woop to Virgin!


Planted out my sweet peas that I grew from seed today. I usually buy seedlings, so I'm quite chuffed with myself. Even built this wild thing for them to grow up. I was inspired by a photo in Bob Flowerdews' "Companion Planting" book. I will try to post a picture at some point.
Enjoy the rest of the week,
Z xx


  1. I hope you and Mr B have a lovely day and that he enjoys his birthday very much. Sending happy ash-cloud-free thoughts your way. :)