Sunday, 18 April 2010

Really rubbish

Ooo, I'm really narked.

I'd never heard of Rosali, (from Ikea), before I started reading blogs.

I was SO excited. Mr Blossom and I went on the bus to the train station. On the train to Bletchley and then on another bus to the blue'n' yella store. Mr B said get a duvet cover in both the blue AND the white colourway.

Well, a week later, and I have just put on the blue cover. There are no fastenings at the bottom to stop your duvet coming out, (which may, of course be the Swedish way), but the top seam has several holes in where it hasn't been sewn together properly. For Heavens' sake, it's a straight line, hardly rocket science, even for a total beginner...just follow along the edges.!

This is only my third ever visit to an Ikea, and the first one, when I lived in London, so that was years ago, yielded me a wooden loo seat, for my mum, with pieces missing.

So to say I am NOT enamoured of them and probably will never bother going again, is an understatement! Cr*p! that's what I say!

And while I'm in a narky mood, wasn't it rumoured that it was Cath Kidston who did the designs. Well, there's another retailer who I'll be VERY careful with what I buy. The same inefficient care to detail...we bought the big gazebo (in a sale, mind you), and there were bits missing, lots of unfinished ends and a bloody great FOOTPRINT on the white inside. Really, these retailers don't give a damn, do they?

And relax.............................................................
a little cocktail may calm me down!
(One of my little brooches from This 'n' That)
I have been lurking on all your blogs but just haven't felt up to commenting. But be sure, I love you all!!!
Z x


  1. I get so frustrated by people tripping over themselves to buy that pattern. I really don't rate the work on Ikea's soft furnishings as pretty as they can be. I feel the same re Cath Kidston stuff too though. The only things of hers that I have, have had huge reductions - 50% and more. Not worth it otherwise.

  2. I have a couple of sets of Ikea bedding and the quality is great - wonder if you were just unlucky or whether the production values have gone downhill a bit?

    Thanks for the article link by the way - ooh it made me cross!!

  3. Oooh I was in IKEA in MK on Sat and didnt see those. Although to be fair, by the time we got to the bedding section i just wanted out!!!

    I dont know if they still do them, but the Tesco Direct site/catalogue did some luurrrvvvly florally duvet sets. Gad zukes I love florals!! xxx