Sunday, 21 August 2011

Bossons, England

Guest Post From Mr B

I hadn't seen any of these in years.

I'm not sure how it started with the Turks' Heads, as my friend, Dean, and I called them. Whether his nan had one or 2. I am sure that they would be familiar to anyone who frequented holiday gift shops. To Dean and I, viewing the world through teenage eyes, we spotted them with fond amusement.

We were probably wearing 3 inch waistband Birmingham 'bags', about the same time as waistband jumpers with stars on the front were on sale at Landports, Commercial
Road, when we first came across these wonderful adornments.

It wasn't that long ago that it occurred to me you didn't see these chalkware wall plaques anymore. Maybe I haven't been going to the right places, or just walking around with my eyes shut, as Mrs B would say!

So, when I saw these gnarly old friends, grinning up at me from a Northampton Antiques Market stall, they brought a smile to my face. I haven't seen Dean for a long time; to send him one of these would be such a good way to get back in touch.

Mr B

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