Monday, 22 August 2011

The Case of the Lost Follower

Loosing a Follower when you don't have too many to begin with, begs the question "Why?"

As we are wont to do, I wonder what I have done wrong?

But does it really matter?
(Well, it does just a little bit...I love that people are kind enough, and interested enough, to click that button)

But it did pull me up on the bloggy housekeeping side of things! Such as welcoming all my new Followers to Pennyblossom Land!

I used to be pretty good at this but I don't think I've done it once this year! Baaaad Pennyblossoms!! So...hello, and welcome to, in no particular order...

Aly Henshall of Faith In Fashion

Jan of A Little Bit Of This And That (fashionfrugalityandfun)

Isabelle of Suzy's Vintage Attic

Pen of Rosa Lily

Carol of Mrs Jolly's Bubblecar (sarahcarolmakes)

CameronPoe2409 (who I think is Clare) of I Have Too Many Shoes

Margaret of Penny Dreadful Vintage


Emma of Lemon Daisy Chains

Char of t*rexes and tiaras (dinoprincesschar)

Judith of ...on the Moon (Usako)

Danielle Rose of A Blog From Blackpool

Jo of Mrs Bossa Does the Do

Debbie of Dreaming Of The Simple Life (lalabibaby)

Jo of Hesta & The Pugs (Hesta Nesta)

Karen of Tilly Rose

Michele of hello lovely inc

Katie of Katie Did Interiors

Me of We Are Here

and my mate from Plymouth, Chloe.


I have a few more of you to say 'hi' to...the names that show up at the end of the Followers list with the grey headed avatar! I know you're there and I will do a linky where possible!
Z xx


  1. Aw, thanks for saying hi to all of us! I think we've all been through the same thing with regard to losing a's just part of it all isn't it? I'm still pretty new to blogging though, so i'm still finding my feet and finding out what works best and what people respond to best - i'm sure we all go through that aswell.
    Keep up the good work!!!

  2. Hi to you too! It is Clare from I have too many shoes, I just haven't figured out how to change my profile name. xx

  3. How lovely, This has happened to me too recently and it bothered me. Shouldn't, but i felt liked i'd let someone down :/ xxxxxx