Monday, 22 August 2011

'Ello, 'Ello,'Ello!

No, not a post about the show of the same name. (God forbid!)
But another burst from the Pennyblossoms welcome party!

But first, a little OOTD from yesterday.

Pink polo shirt, Debenhams
Navy cargos, Mark One (Ithink)
Bag, a pressie from Mr B
Shoes, brand new Skechers Shape Ups from Brantano.
Pink watch, TKMaxx
Necklace, Avon
Bracelet, Accessorize
Earrings, Evans

We had a lovely day yesterday. A yummy bacon sarnie at Days. (Post about this brilliant recycling place will follow). Got a couple of Penstemons is their sale too! Wandered over to PC World to get my Norton protection CD. Then into the drive-in Starbucks - we were on foot -for a Frappaccino(?), and my first ever whoopie pie!

I succumbed to half a pie as I was lucky enough to win Mary Poppins giveaway of a whoopie pie recipe book! Thank you Mary!

So, onto the meet and greet part of the post! Sorry to have been so lax; I think my 'Blogs I Follow' list may well need a make over too!

Hello and welcome to the world of Pennyblossoms...

Teresa of Tcakes (I cannot believe I never gave you a mention before!)

Emma, a work colleague of Mr B

Hailie of Yaya, Kolo & Manolos (Musings of a Shugalista)




Pretty at Heart

Helloooooo everybody and thank you for following!
Z xx


  1. Oh thankyou for the mention, a lively suprise & much needed brightener whilst on a smelly commuter train into London !.. Have a lovely day. Tx

  2. Just stopping by to say hello ;-)) That pie looks yummy. Have a great day, dee x

  3. Thank you for your 'hello' Penny x

    I was intrigued by the whoopie pie but glad it was explained on Mary Poppins blog ... they look wonderful ! I may have to investigate further and try my hand at making one :0)

    Looking forward to hearing about 'Days' xxx

  4. I need to know, which do you prefer - cup cakes or whoopie pies?xx PS what are the shape up skechers like?