Monday, 1 August 2011

I Just LOVE These Ladies!

For all you thrifters out there, here's a great little film from Advanced Style.

I can only aspire to grow up and have some of the cachet that these great dames have! You may know the name Iris Apfel, she pops up a lot in all sorts of places (she of the large glasses fame), but my total fave inspiration is Tziporah Salamon. This woman is amazing! The clothes, the shoes, the decor...sigh!

But what they all seem to have, is this wonderful joie de vivre and they seem to have lived a life.

Oh yes, when I feel cr*p, a burst of these ladies is what the doctor should've ordered!

So, here's me giving it a go, in honour of these ladies!

This 'look' is so not me, but doesn't look too bad in these photos!

I love my little black 'Jesus' sandals with the silver chains, but they never get a lot of wear; I'm just not a girl that feels comfy going out in such un-protecting footwear! Sadly, the nail varnish didn't show up in all its' glory...a bubblegum pink, "All About Me" by Leighton Denny. Scrummy!

Z xx


  1. All that fringing! It's quite an extreme look!

    Love your dress. And whether the look is "you" or not, you're rocking it. The photos are gorgeous.

  2. You know, I wasn't going to bother to 'dress up' today seing as I'm at home and packing for hols but after reading your post, I think I ought to get off me bum and make a bloody effort !

    You look delicious today :0) the dress looks wonderful xx I love the pink nail varnish too.