Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Just Chillin'

Phew! It's been hot today! My face just gets sweaty standing still! I loved your comment on the last post, Jan; see, today I'm all over the place clothing-wise!

I even seem to be wearing a cat on my right foot! What a sweetie! But I do love my headband. Mr B found it in Japan for a couple of yen. Floral towelling in such pretty colours and on days like this, perfect for keeping my hair of my face and mopping up any 'glow'!

Of which, there has been quite a bit after getting out Beulah the Bernina!
Remember at the beginning of the year there was that VAT increase? Well, just before it came into being I bought a sewing machine. And she has stayed in her box until a couple of weeks ago, when I had a go at making some pennants for Sian's sisters' wedding.

Sian you will never know how grateful I am to you! It was just the perfect project to inspire me. Unfortunately, it was so long since I'd bought it, that the free hour tutorial had all but been forgotten! Could I remember how the self threader thing worked...could I heck! So I just did it manually.

But, today, I was sorting out clothes and there were a couple of things I wanted to alter to get some wear out of them while we still have the warm weather! I had a lightbulb moment...look on Youtube. Result! Even so, I still had to have several goes to get it right. Still, now I have a blouse and a pair of cargo pants fit to wear. Hurrah! It's only taken me about three years!

I love this machine. Ever since college, (years back!), I've fancied owning a really nice Bernina. So, inspired by HenHouse, I got the 350PE (Patchwork Edition). It's not their fanciest by any means. I really can't justify 8 grand or so on a sewing machine! But this does so much more than zig zag! And best of all it does automatic buttonholes. Woop woop! I hate doing them. Nightmare!
I really do (heart) Beulah!
(I have no idea how you add one of those tiny heart symbols).


  1. Ahh it's one of my 'bucket list' items - sewing ! Was absolutely crap at it during my school years but I'm keen to give it a bash again but where to start?! My eldest daughter has a sewing machine so maybe I'll get her to show me.

    The bunting sounds like a nice little project :0)

    The headband is cool ! xx

  2. I haven't touched my sewing machine for ages. I'm so hopeless with it that unless I keep going with projects I lose all confidence and leave it for months. I must change my ways - I have things I want to make! Patterns are so scary though :(