Tuesday, 30 August 2011

What A Difference A Day Makes

I have mentioned the wonderful place that is Days before, but have now got a few pictures to show you.

All those red flowers you've seen in the garden came from here. They are about to stop stocking plants for now but will start again next February. They are lovely, strong specimens and you can always ask questions as they have a helpful, informative sales lady. She is great but I must ask her her name!

For those with cars there is good parking and for those of us that don't they will deliver for 15 quid!

I've always fancied one of those big pine kitchen tables. But with a kitchen as small as ours it would never fit! But this little Alice-in-Wonderland 'eat me, drink me'-sized table with its' chunky farmhouse-style legs will go a treat in our living room.

That cream 50s sliding door cupboard came home with us too! It will sit on a work surface just right in the kitchen. (It is about 18 inches tall; a slightly deceptive photo - there is the brown hardboard back of something in front of it.)

And, yes, that is one of those wild, green onyx tables in the foreground! One of their more pricey items at twenty-five quid...which probably explains why it has hung around all thru' Mr Bs holiday!

They have a great little cafe too. The best bacon sarnies I have ever had - good quality bacon, not that cheapo catering stuff and that scrummy tiger bread from Morrisons. Nom nom nom!

Hoping to do a post tomorrow, a new idea of mine...Wicker Wednesday, showcasing all things wicker! And my first showcase will be the latest lovely item to find its' way home!
Z xx


  1. I need to go there right now! When are they open, Zoe?

  2. What a wonderful place, I could get very carried away in there. x