Sunday, 28 August 2011

Rock Clobster

Guest Post from Mr Blossom

What do you get if you cross a crab with a lobster? A 'Clobster'! I can't remember who said it, but having broken for lunch, the only place to eat was the canteen at Front of House. We were sat at a table looking at the menu, just a small group of us, the canteen staff and across the hall an empty restaurant room.

Micky Murphy,(2nd right), sat quietly reading his menu, giving it just the right amount of comedy timing and then "Do you remember that B52s record 'Rock Clobster'?"

Back to my first Guest Post, 'Bossons, England'. As some of you may have read, a few weeks ago Mrs Blossom and I went to the Vintage Fair at Market Harborough. Having put my reputation in tatters by not only purchasing the wonderful Super Snooper periscope, from a couple of 40s bombshells named The Watsons, I was lured to the Creepy Chic stall by Mrs Blossom, who thought I might be interested in a Super 8 film, 'Women Wrestlers', (countdown to 2012 and all that!).

Anyway, the loose theme that has run through these Guest blogworld Posts is of chalkware wall plaques, ornament and figurine. To bring this to conclusion, with the help of Mr Micheal Murphy's 'Rock Clobster', Mr Creepy Chic had a beautiful, possibly chalkware, wall plate with a three dimensional crab. Mrs B and I admired it, but thought it too fragile to take home on the bus, bearing in mind, we also had a meat safe and vintage glass baubles from Briony! A 1930s American hat from Debbie of Home Thoughts From Vintage Wants. Pins and Needles magazines from The Watsons. Last, but by no means least, three 1960s sticker books on Afghanistan, Bolivia and Switzerland from Debbie, Lalabibaby. A big THANK YOU to you all.

My friend, Dean, and I , used to go snorkeling under South Parade Pier. (Plan the dive...Dive the plan). There were lobsters which we only looked at. There was also a one-arm bandit fruit machine which had fallen through when the pier caught fire during the filming of Ken Russell's 'Tommy'. We planned but never executed the salvage job!

PS. Trevor, Mr Vintage at the Cornerhouse, if I ever find one of those Secret Sam Briefcases, with a built-in periscope, it's yours!

Always on the look-out,
Mr B

Down periscope...dive, dive, dive

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