Friday, 19 October 2012

Beautiful Bloggers

 Whilst doing all my gadding around recently I have had the pleasure of meeting two of my blogging chums.
First off, caught up with Danielle, who I first met last year at the Northwest Bloggers Meet.
Danielle & me livin' it up at The Mal, Manchester!
We met up in Manchester again; timed it well as she had had to come in to Uni to hand in her final course work. It was lovely to catch up with her again, in person.

Travelling form Plymouth to Exeter, (after much persuasion to get me out of bed, 'cos I was having a bit of a melt-down!), I met  Dee Dee.

Oh my, it was like we'd known each other our whole lifetime! It was a wonderful day. The picture above, (where I am NOT drunk!), was taken at The Boston Tea Party cafe, where, to my utter delight, you can take your pooch in with you! The sofa next to us had a Bedlington and a little fluffy dog.
Great company, yummy food and dogs too! Heaven!

Dee Dee showed my the 'vintage' delights of Exeter. I don't know the town at all, but they have just had a Jonny LouLou's open the same week...vintage fabulousness and a John Lewis, my perfect place!
Being in the West Country that bit earlier in the month, there was also Lesley's 'Nostagic Mix Fair' in Totnes on Saturday. I had hoped to get there to see Lesley and Sal (Snippets), but it was not to be. Next time! I still feel that I achieved a great deal that week, so won't be too hard on myself!
I'd also hope to meet up with Pearl whilst in Manchester; but her doggy was taken ill the day we were due to meet. (But he is OK now, thank goodness). So, again, next time!
I feel very lucky to have met some wonderful people through blogging.
Thank you for enriching my life!
Z xx



  1. I do love a good blogger meet up, as you well know! Dee is absolutely gorgeous, both inside and out, I felt like I'd know her for years! xxx

  2. Was lovely to see you again. Meeting other bloggers is always nice. I'm loving the flamingo header by the way xx

  3. Lovely new header, I have a soft spot for flamingos! Simba is much better now and hope you come up again soon was gutted to have to miss you and thanks for letting me blub down the phone lol x

  4. Its great to see you meeting bloggers, I'm a little bit jealous!xx

  5. aahh Hi lovely i thought i had better catch up with you. I was going to text you last night and then my friend came round. You did very well that week you should be more than proud of yourself ;-) It was a great day in Exeter and your just a gorgeous lady and im so glad we met up hopefully do it again soon. Sorry to still hear the kitchen drama is going on i did chuckle at your cats foot prints in the cement ;-)) Big hugs lovely lady, dee xxxx