Friday, 26 October 2012


So...who pushed her way through the locked cat flap and then pushed her way back in, scaring the floor man in the process?
Wasn't me, honest Guv!

I'd checked the 2 cats were in, (on the bed, of course!) and locked their escape hatch. Unfortunately I didn't shut them in the bedroom. At some point between then and the chap laying the self-levelling latex, Tabby snuck out. She must've tried the flap while he was working as he came in and said it'd made him jump! We looked over from the door across the room at the flap and there was no face to be seen. Checked the cat had gone AWOL.
Cue about 10 minutes after he had left and there was a large amount of mewing coming from the kitchen. Opened the door and there was a very sheepish cat trying to get back out the cat flap. She wandered back over to me leaving a trail of footprints all around the kitchen floor!
Believe me, cats do not like being whisked up and plonked in a wash basin to be cleaned off! Mr B phoned the vet for advice; but to date, all seems well.
Note to self: need sturdier cat flap!
Z xx
PS Does anyone else think there's a passing resemblance between Tabby and Denise Welch?????


  1. Oh no, what a naughty cat! Or at least, inquisitive cat..? Hope she's ok and didn't hinder the floor man's progress too much!

  2. Love the nod to Denise Welch and fab picture of the naughty cat! One of our Jack Russells likes to sit and watch workmen work at our house when we are having things do, not so great when its painting that's being done!. I'm sure he'd be a great working dog. xx

  3. Ha! How naughty!

    One of our cats is immortalised in cement outside our old house - she walked merrily through it when it was wet and there are two very neat paw prints in it now.