Friday, 26 October 2012

Bowl of Plenty

This little bowl is waiting for Mr B when he gets home from the Wells tonight.
(Well, going on last night it is more like 2am!).
I like raspberry jam and have indeed made some one year, but can't abide them as fresh fruit. I am amazed that they are still fruiting so prolifically so late in the year. No idea what 'make' they are; I do think they are my own type, made from ones I got from my mums' and some that grew through from next door, ooo, about 6-8 years ago, and have blended together. Some of these fruits are as big as a regular strawberry!
The poor blokes came to lay the kitchen floor tiles this morning, only to find that the latex stuff hadn't thoroughly dried! Will it never end??
But, we are getting some of our stuff out of storage next Friday, followed by the rest the following Monday and Tuesday. Exciting but terrifying! I'll be on my own as Mr B is in Cardiff next week; anyone fancy coming round to help me sort out and dispose of stuff?????!
Have a great weekend!
Z xx


  1. Hi Zoe,
    i just dropped you a quick email to your Pennyblossoms email,
    Ann x

  2. I think you should give your new strain of raspberries a name - it's only fair those delicious fruits should have one:).

  3. Those raspberries look delicious. Im so sorry to hear your still having decorating nightmares it will end soon and it will all be soooo worth it ;-) I wish i could come and help you but im to far away. You enjoy it be fun to see all your lovely things again. Hugs, dee xxx

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