Friday, 5 October 2012

I Should Be So Lucky, Lucky, Lucky

 The company that provides my support worker held an 'open day' this afternoon. I scooted over there after my initial visit to the Wellbeing Team, based at my GPs surgery. Well, not scooted but taxied, just to make sure I got there. It was great meeting up with 2 of my past support workers. We had a sort of quiz thing  to do and all our entries went into a raffle and my card was the first one picked! Can you believe that? I'd been enjoying the grapes and cheese on offer and chose this prize because that's what I saw first. Then realised there was 2 bottles of Schloer and a bottle of non-alcoholic Muscat too!
(Yes, I can hear you Vix..."What, no alcohol?")

I also received a beautiful gift from Pearl this week, to say 'thank you' for getting tickets for her and her mum to come and see Swan Lake at The Lowry, in Salford. A super-pretty silver charm bracelet. It is SO very me. Each of the charms is chosen for a certain reason. I haven't taken a photo yet, but will do a post on it soon. Just wanted to acknowledge how happy I was and how kind of Pearl to send it.

It arrived the day I was going to the dentist, (again!), as I felt a hole when I was up in Manchester. Didn't know whether it was tooth or filling. As it turned out, it was a corner chunk off a good tooth, which was a shame, but Mr Q fixed it for me. I guess it was the lovely nutty-seedy-dried fruity mix that I had for breakfast with the freshly prepared orange segments!

The building works have basically been finished. We were waiting on the electric fire, that was supposed to be installed the Wednesday before we went to Manchester. We had earmarked the carpet fitters for the Thursday. So, of course, the wholesaler had run out of fires! Had to wait for new stock coming from China. So, with this Decent Homes thing, being all 'green', how then do they answer the carbon footprint of their fire providers????
There was a choice of three. Again, put in the situation of choosing our new fire whilst standing out on the pavement. 'Vancouver' arrived today....eventually! But only after we had 'Rochester' delivered twice and then again first thing this morning!
Good God, even a 100% sane, no mental health problems person would be getting a bit worn down by now!

But, at least when the electrician came to fit the 1st wrong fire, he helped put up my chandelier for me. I bought this at Allders in Portsmouth before we moved here, but for our soon-to-be new home and it's only taken us 15 years to get it put up!


  1. Yay to winning a booze-free hamper! What a shocker but a great bit of luck!
    that chandelier is gorgeous, can't wait for the big reveal! x

  2. Ohhh a no booze hamper!!! lol still lovely though. The bracelet sounds amazing x