Monday, 22 October 2012

Tears of Frustration

Don't know about you, but I'm getting a bit fed up with this flat revamp!

The whole of the kitchen floor has been taken up and has to be relaid!
After it had been put down I noticed brown 'gunk' coming up between the tiles. I pointed this out to 2 of 'the blokes who should know' and was told that happens, not to worry about it. A few days later it was wet! My washing machine had leaked. Now, it is a very old machine and it has leaked in the past but it wasn't prior to it being moved and re-plumbed in. Transpires it was put back with a twisted pipe, that was ultimately replaced. All seemed okay, but the tilers were going to come and check out the floor.
This didn't happen until last week, when we were given the bad news that the whole lot would have to be replaced. The water had 'blown' the latex and the tiles come in batches, like wallpaper so the colour of the new tiles may not match the old.
This was supposed to happen at 8 o'clock this morning Mr B had taken (more) time off work in London, because I had another appointment at the MaxFac department to get to. 20 to 11 a lad turned up!!!
I give up!
Still, on a happier note, (because, believe me, I AM a happy person!), they are going to make me a mouth guard to relieve, hopefully, the jaw pain I am getting. Hurrah! And the optician is going to re-test my eyes as my sight has deteriorated since my test in May; possibly to do with my meds.
I also found out that my mums' neighbour had passed away, which, although I know she hadn't been well for a while and seemed to be developing Alzheimer's, it was still a blow to see the note on the noticeboard. The last time I saw her she had set off the fire alarm when using her microwave (!) and prior to that I had potted up some flowers for her balcony, so happy memories, even if a little bizarre! We bonded over us both being 'Marmite babies'; I took her Marmite sarnies in when she was in hospital ages ago. I will miss you, you lovely lady.
On a good note to end, I got home and popped round to have a natter with my neighbour and took her a small punnet of freshly picked raspberries and a bag of home-grown pears. I think she was pleased to see me. I know I felt a lot better after seeing her!
Z xx

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